August 2018 Goals – Check-up 1

Last week, I set some goals for myself for this month. I’m circling back around now that it’s been a week to check in with myself and see how my progress is coming along.

Goal 1: Ship new feature at work

Status: In progress, on track

If you’ve been following my worklogs, you already know I cost myself a few days of work this past week by forcing a state architecture that wasn’t a good fit. But I’ve made some good progress and should still be able to ship a minimum usable feature by Wednesday.

Goal 2: Land a bow and arrow choke

Status: Not on track

The past couple of weeks I have found myself working too late at the office to make it to jiu jitsu most days, so I haven’t gotten any gi classes in (a gi is required to land this choke). But I’m going tomorrow evening and will be solely focused on this. We’ll see!

Goal 3: Get DevLifts to 60 paying fit.Start members

Status: In progress, possibly on track

This past week we welcomed 7 new [paying] members to the community, and we had 3 cancellations, brining our total paying members to 33. We have an ad going up this week as well as some exciting announcements this week and next week, so I think we’re going to get there.

Goal 4: Take a few days off with my wife

Status: On track

This is happening. I’ve already let my boss know that I’m taking a few days off at towards the end of the month. Still hoping we can afford to go out of town, but that’s most likely not going to happen. The downtime will still be very beneficial, though!

Goal 5: Finish 1 freelance project

Status: In progress, on track

I should wrap up at least one project in the next two weeks, if not two!

Goal 6: Read 1 book

Status: Not started, possibly on track

I still haven’t started a book for this month. If I start today, maybe I can still finish it by the end of this month (I’m a very slow reader).

The book I’ve chosen to read is Knowing God by J.I. Packer.

Goal 7: Make 1 open source PR

Status: In progress, on track

I haven’t made a PR yet, but I did pair with Kurt Kemple from GatsbyJS this past week, and I’ve found a good issue that I can work on!

Goal 8: Sort through my Evernote

Status: Not started, ¯_(ツ)_/¯

This is such a mountainous task. I need to at least start chipping away at it a little at a time or I’m definitely not going to make it.

Goal 9: Restart my newsletter

Status: Not started, possibly on track

I haven’t started this yet, but I’m hoping to at least start mailing out my blog posts as a starting point. It’d be better to actually write an email, though.

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