August 2018 Goals Review

Last month, I set some goals for myself for the month. It’s now September 10, so I’m obviously a bit late at checking up on these to see where I’m at and set some new goals for September. I’m still struggling to keep up the habit of constantly writing and spending an hour a week reviewing progress on the important things I’ve set out to do.

Goal 1: Ship new feature at work

Status: Partially succeeded.

Feature is 95% complete and nearly ready to deploy. There’s definitely some refactoring to do, but the feature is complete apart from a couple of minor tweaks/fixes. It has not been deployed yet, as there are a few infrastructure changes to make to get the React environment up and running in production. 

Goal 2: Land a bow and arrow choke

Status: Failed.

I ended up missing quite a bit of Gi classes in August so I could ship this feature at my day job, and a gi is required to land a bow and arrow choke. So I failed this one. One thing I can do better this month is prioritize going to Gi class, and not let it get pushed to the back burner. There’s probably a deeper lesson in here about managing my priorities and time alongside my day job, and knowing when to let work take priority vs when to not.

Goal 3: Get DevLifts to 60 paying fit.Start members

Status: Accomplished.

We blew past this goal and landed somewhere around 100 paying customers, crossing past $1.2k/mo in recurring revenue!

Goal 4: Take a few days off with my wife

Status: Accomplished.

And it was awesome.

Goal 5: Finish 1 freelance project

Status: Accomplished.

I actually shipped two freelance projects!

Goal 6: Read 1 book

Status: Failed.

I made it through the Preface. Wow. Shame.

Goal 7: Make 1 open source PR

Status: Failed.

I didn’t prioritize this enough and it ended up getting pushed to the back burner.

Goal 8: Sort through my Evernote

Status: Failed.

I never even started. I really don’t want to do this, but it still needs to be done. I know it’ll be so much better when it’s organized.

Goal 9: Restart my newsletter

Status: Failed.

In hindsight, I don’t think I’m ready to restart this yet. I want to get my writing habit re-established and also get a few more things off my plate so I can really do a good job on my newsletter when I do re-launch it.

Won some, lost some. Going to keep marching forward.

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