My first powerlifting meet

2018 DevLifts Open

Well, kinda. It’s really the DevLifts Open, which is a remote powerlifting meet I created. So no, I didn’t go to a meet where a bunch of us all lifted at the same time, but it was my first time to compete with actual rules.

The full details of the DevLifts open can be found here, but the TL;DR is: you get 3 attempts per lift (Squat, Bench, Deadlift), your form must be compliant with typical powerlifting rules, and you must film yourself so we can clearly see your form. You’re also able to enter as many times as you want through October 20, as long as there is at least 3 days between each entry.

I captured the whole thing on Instagram, which I’ll embed below, but here’s my final numbers:

Squat: 375lb
Bench Press: 285lb
Deadlift: 415lb

Bodyweight: 194lb
Total Load: 1075lb

Final Score (Wilks): 314.95

I also hit a new deadlift max of 425lb and a new squat PR of 385lb, but they didn’t count because they were both 4th attempts.

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Participated in the #DevLiftsOpen today (remote powerlifting meet for developers). Feeling good about these numbers! We’re allowed to enter as many times as we want through 10/20, so I’ll definitely be going again in a few weeks. Thanks to @thad_tothebone for the great coaching. Couldn’t haven’t gotten here without him. I also hit a new deadlift max of 425lb and a new squat PR of 385lb but they didn’t count for the event because I had already used all three attempts for both lifts. ⬇️ Want to participate? The event is open to all developers! Checkout for details! ⬇️ Final Numbers: -Squat: 375lb -Bench: 285lb -Deadlift: 415lb -Body weight: 194lb -Wilks Score: 314.95⬇️ #RefactorYourBody

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FitLog 092118

Maxed deadlift today. I actually maxed in the past couple of weeks, so I didn’t hit a new max today.


I hit my old max of 405lb from a couple of weeks ago, but missed 415. I re-attempted twice. Grip failed all three times.

I max again in 4 weeks — I should still be able to hit my target of 425lb by then. I’ve already gone up 20lb in the past 4 weeks since this training cycle started.

FitLog 091118

Really late start this morning — not sure what happened, but I overslept until 6:30! Then I got to the gym and had forgotten my earphones. Totally first world problems, but I let it de-rail my gym session a bit. I didn’t do my warm-up, and I only did half my circuit. I made sure to give 100% on my squats, though. But I’m going to chalk this morning up as a failure.


  • Sprint 30yd
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 push-ups
  • Sprint 60 yd
  • Rest
  • Sprint 30 yd
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 push-ups
  • Sprint 60 yd


Just discovered (after the workout) that this is actually a de-load week for me, so I lifted way too much weight yesterday and today. Whoops. ????

  • 5 reps of 225lb
  • 5 reps of 260lb
  • 4 reps of 290lb (AMRAP set)

Worklog 091018

I did that thing again where I went a bit without writing a worklog. Man it’s tough to stay consistent sometimes. It’s easy to fall into not prioritizing things even though you know they’re really helpful (like these worklogs).

What I’ve done


I started organizing Notion for our company. I signed us up a couple of months ago and have been slowly adding a few things here and there. I’m trying to find a good organization that will work for the team and ensure that everyone (no matter if it’s their first day or their 1000th) can find out anything they need to know about the company.

I sat in on a call with a new vendor this morning.

I also worked on our company positioning statement.

This afternoon, I worked on setting up custom exception logging with Sentry. We now have nicer errors when something goes wrong with any API calls. ????


This morning I got all my tasks and appointments organized for the week, shipped some small changes for a freelance project, and made my FitLog for today.

What I’m working on


I’m continuing to work on interviewing high-level execs so I can refine our positioning statement.


Tonight I’ll be working on a freelance project with Rails. I’m working on building out a 2m+ record searchable database with Rails and Elasticsearch. That’s a first for me, so I’ll write about how it goes this month!

Today I Learned

Sentry’s Raven.js is actually on its way out, it seems. It still gets support and bug fixes, but new features are being added to the npm packages.

Interesting Links

Here’s a few links to things I’ve read, watched, or listened to:

August 2018 Goals Review

Last month, I set some goals for myself for the month. It’s now September 10, so I’m obviously a bit late at checking up on these to see where I’m at and set some new goals for September. I’m still struggling to keep up the habit of constantly writing and spending an hour a week reviewing progress on the important things I’ve set out to do.

Goal 1: Ship new feature at work

Status: Partially succeeded.

Feature is 95% complete and nearly ready to deploy. There’s definitely some refactoring to do, but the feature is complete apart from a couple of minor tweaks/fixes. It has not been deployed yet, as there are a few infrastructure changes to make to get the React environment up and running in production. 

Goal 2: Land a bow and arrow choke

Status: Failed.

I ended up missing quite a bit of Gi classes in August so I could ship this feature at my day job, and a gi is required to land a bow and arrow choke. So I failed this one. One thing I can do better this month is prioritize going to Gi class, and not let it get pushed to the back burner. There’s probably a deeper lesson in here about managing my priorities and time alongside my day job, and knowing when to let work take priority vs when to not.

Goal 3: Get DevLifts to 60 paying fit.Start members

Status: Accomplished.

We blew past this goal and landed somewhere around 100 paying customers, crossing past $1.2k/mo in recurring revenue!

Goal 4: Take a few days off with my wife

Status: Accomplished.

And it was awesome.

Goal 5: Finish 1 freelance project

Status: Accomplished.

I actually shipped two freelance projects!

Goal 6: Read 1 book

Status: Failed.

I made it through the Preface. Wow. Shame.

Goal 7: Make 1 open source PR

Status: Failed.

I didn’t prioritize this enough and it ended up getting pushed to the back burner.

Goal 8: Sort through my Evernote

Status: Failed.

I never even started. I really don’t want to do this, but it still needs to be done. I know it’ll be so much better when it’s organized.

Goal 9: Restart my newsletter

Status: Failed.

In hindsight, I don’t think I’m ready to restart this yet. I want to get my writing habit re-established and also get a few more things off my plate so I can really do a good job on my newsletter when I do re-launch it.

Won some, lost some. Going to keep marching forward.

FitLog 091018

Back to sets of 5 this week. ????

Not including warm-up routine here any more. It’s the standard marches, skips, high knees, etc. and the 4×2 of stair jumps and plyometric push-ups (I do a clap push-up for this).

Bent-Over Row

  • 5 x 8 @ 155lb

Probably could have done a bit more weight here. I’m going to definitely go up next time. I’m thinking maybe start at 165lb and go from there.

Competition Bench Press

  • 5 @ 190lb
  • 5 @ 215lb
  • 7 @ 240lb (AMRAP set)

FitLog 090818

New stripe on my belt last night at BJJ! Went to class today, too — decided to go get in my deadlifts for the week this afternoon. This week was my week of single rep sets — next week goes back to sets of 5.

First set was supposed to be 75% of 1RM, but I went ahead and did more. Second set is 85%. Third is 95%, but I accidentally put the wrong plates on the bar so I ended up doing my previous max (385lb) for my third set. Whoops.

I was feeling good today so I went ahead and did more than I was supposed to. Finally back to 405lb — grip strength is returning!


  • 1 @ 315lb
  • 1 @ 330lb
  • 1 @ 385lb
  • 1 @ 405lb ????

FitLog 090418

Pretty sore from last night’s BJJ class (one hour of open mat rolling). Between that and training in a fasted state, I didn’t hit as many reps on my AMRAP set as I thought I could have.

Back Squat

  • 1 @ 260lb
  • 1 @ 295lb
  • 2 @ 335lb (AMRAP set)

FitLog 090318

Single rep sets this week (I’m on a hybrid 5/3/1 plan), so I’m backing off cardio, eating more carbs, and focusing on just moving the weight.

Barbell Bent-Over Row

  • 3 x 8 @ 155lb

Bench Press

  • 1 @ 215lb
  • 1 @ 245lb
  • 3 @ 270lb (AMRAP set)