FitLog 090818

New stripe on my belt last night at BJJ! Went to class today, too — decided to go get in my deadlifts for the week this afternoon. This week was my week of single rep sets — next week goes back to sets of 5.

First set was supposed to be 75% of 1RM, but I went ahead and did more. Second set is 85%. Third is 95%, but I accidentally put the wrong plates on the bar so I ended up doing my previous max (385lb) for my third set. Whoops.

I was feeling good today so I went ahead and did more than I was supposed to. Finally back to 405lb — grip strength is returning!


  • 1 @ 315lb
  • 1 @ 330lb
  • 1 @ 385lb
  • 1 @ 405lb ????

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