FitLog 100918

Got a quick one in this morning. Felt pretty tight, probably should have warmed up a bit more.

Back Squat

  • 5 x 260lb
  • 3 x 295lb
  • 3 x 330lb (AMRAP set)
  • Row Machine

Row Machine

~ 6 min

FitLog 100218

Warmed up with the same warm-up for every Tuesday and Thursday, arm circles and explosive medicine ball throws.

Then came my sprint/crunch circuit. This was a sprint/crunch/push-up circuit until Thad removed the push-ups this week to see if all the volume is what’s been stalling my bench numbers.

Back Squat

The sprints combined with training fasted in the morning are probably what did me in here. I struggled to get that third rep of 315 up. And my form was terrible on every set. I broke parallel of course, but the bar path was uuuuuugly!

  1. 240lb x 3
  2. 275lb x 3
  3. 315 x 3 (AMRAP set)

FitLog 100118

Today starts the week of 3 reps for each big lift. Felt really good today — it may be from the massive carb binge load over the weekend.

Bent-Over Row

  1. 155lb x 8
  2. 165lb x 8
  3. 165lb x 8
  4. 165lb x 8
  5. 165lb x 8

Bench Press

  1. 180lb x 3
  2. 205lb x 3
  3. 230lb x 10 (AMRAP set)

FitLog 092618

Main lift today was bench. Did my normal warm up routine for this day (light calisthenics, explosive stair jumps and plyo pushups). Still very sore from pushup circuit yesterday as well as the meet Sunday.

Barbell Bent Over Row

5 x 8 @ 155lb

Barbell Bench Press

  1. 170lb x 5
  2. 195lb x 3
  3. 220 x 6 (AMRAP set)

FitLog 092118

Maxed deadlift today. I actually maxed in the past couple of weeks, so I didn’t hit a new max today.


I hit my old max of 405lb from a couple of weeks ago, but missed 415. I re-attempted twice. Grip failed all three times.

I max again in 4 weeks — I should still be able to hit my target of 425lb by then. I’ve already gone up 20lb in the past 4 weeks since this training cycle started.

FitLog 091118

Really late start this morning — not sure what happened, but I overslept until 6:30! Then I got to the gym and had forgotten my earphones. Totally first world problems, but I let it de-rail my gym session a bit. I didn’t do my warm-up, and I only did half my circuit. I made sure to give 100% on my squats, though. But I’m going to chalk this morning up as a failure.


  • Sprint 30yd
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 push-ups
  • Sprint 60 yd
  • Rest
  • Sprint 30 yd
  • 10 crunches
  • 20 push-ups
  • Sprint 60 yd


Just discovered (after the workout) that this is actually a de-load week for me, so I lifted way too much weight yesterday and today. Whoops. ????

  • 5 reps of 225lb
  • 5 reps of 260lb
  • 4 reps of 290lb (AMRAP set)

FitLog 091018

Back to sets of 5 this week. ????

Not including warm-up routine here any more. It’s the standard marches, skips, high knees, etc. and the 4×2 of stair jumps and plyometric push-ups (I do a clap push-up for this).

Bent-Over Row

  • 5 x 8 @ 155lb

Probably could have done a bit more weight here. I’m going to definitely go up next time. I’m thinking maybe start at 165lb and go from there.

Competition Bench Press

  • 5 @ 190lb
  • 5 @ 215lb
  • 7 @ 240lb (AMRAP set)

FitLog 090818

New stripe on my belt last night at BJJ! Went to class today, too — decided to go get in my deadlifts for the week this afternoon. This week was my week of single rep sets — next week goes back to sets of 5.

First set was supposed to be 75% of 1RM, but I went ahead and did more. Second set is 85%. Third is 95%, but I accidentally put the wrong plates on the bar so I ended up doing my previous max (385lb) for my third set. Whoops.

I was feeling good today so I went ahead and did more than I was supposed to. Finally back to 405lb — grip strength is returning!


  • 1 @ 315lb
  • 1 @ 330lb
  • 1 @ 385lb
  • 1 @ 405lb ????