My first powerlifting meet

2018 DevLifts Open

Well, kinda. It’s really the DevLifts Open, which is a remote powerlifting meet I created. So no, I didn’t go to a meet where a bunch of us all lifted at the same time, but it was my first time to compete with actual rules.

The full details of the DevLifts open can be found here, but the TL;DR is: you get 3 attempts per lift (Squat, Bench, Deadlift), your form must be compliant with typical powerlifting rules, and you must film yourself so we can clearly see your form. You’re also able to enter as many times as you want through October 20, as long as there is at least 3 days between each entry.

I captured the whole thing on Instagram, which I’ll embed below, but here’s my final numbers:

Squat: 375lb
Bench Press: 285lb
Deadlift: 415lb

Bodyweight: 194lb
Total Load: 1075lb

Final Score (Wilks): 314.95

I also hit a new deadlift max of 425lb and a new squat PR of 385lb, but they didn’t count because they were both 4th attempts.

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Participated in the #DevLiftsOpen today (remote powerlifting meet for developers). Feeling good about these numbers! We’re allowed to enter as many times as we want through 10/20, so I’ll definitely be going again in a few weeks. Thanks to @thad_tothebone for the great coaching. Couldn’t haven’t gotten here without him. I also hit a new deadlift max of 425lb and a new squat PR of 385lb but they didn’t count for the event because I had already used all three attempts for both lifts. ⬇️ Want to participate? The event is open to all developers! Checkout for details! ⬇️ Final Numbers: -Squat: 375lb -Bench: 285lb -Deadlift: 415lb -Body weight: 194lb -Wilks Score: 314.95⬇️ #RefactorYourBody

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