Goals for August 2018


Ship new feature at work

The feature I’ve been working on at my day job is supposed to ship on August 15. My goal is at minimum to ship it with usable compatibility back to IE11. If there’s time, I also want to ensure we have documentation, unit tests with Jest, possibly E2E tests with Cypress, no ESLint issues, good error handling, stories added to Storybook, and type checking moved to Flow. I suspect I won’t get to many of these things before August 15, but it’s still my goal to complete these things in August.


Land a bow and arrow choke

I’ve been practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu the past 11 months (although I took about 4 months off in the middle and almost quit), and recently I drilled the bow & arrow choke, and I’ve been pretty exclusively going for it during Gi class. I haven’t actually landed one yet in a live roll, but it’s my goal this month.


Get DevLifts to 60 paying fit.Start members

We launched fitStart a few weeks ago, and right now we are at 41 total members, with 29 of those being paid memberships. My goal for August is to double that and get to 60 paying members.


Take a few days off with my wife

I started the new job 6 weeks ago, and I’ve still been trying to grow DevLifts on nights and weekends. I also have a few freelance projects I’ve been working on during off hours, too. This has resulted in working 12-14 hour days most days the past 6 weeks, including some Saturdays.

This is certainly not manageable, and it won’t be this bad much longer (as I’m wrapping up a lot of outstanding freelance projects I had going on before I started my job), but it has gotten me to a near-burnout status. Plus, I haven’t had much time to spend with my wife.

After I ship this new feature at Trinity, I’m going to take 2-3 personal days, combine it with a weekend, and just hang with my wife. If we can afford it, we may go to beach ????. No phone, no computer — just summer vibes. ????☀


Finish 1 freelance project

As I mentioned above, I have a lot of outstanding freelance projects that were active before I started at Trinity. My goal this month is to finish at least 1 of them.


Read 1 book

I fell out of the habit I had earlier this year of reading before bed, and my goal is to re-establish that. I think this will be great for me, as I’ve been getting the ‘ol eye twitches (I suspect from too much screen exposure) and my sleep has been pretty poor. Pretty sure I’m over-stimulated. I’ll be re-establishing reading (specifically, reading fiction, as it’s been proven to help you sleep better by getting your brain into a beta state vs alpha) and eliminating screens an hour before bed time this month.

I’m a pretty slow reader, so I’m shooting pretty low (just 1 book).


Make 1 open source PR

I made my first open source Pull Request a few weeks ago, but it wasn’t much (just a docs tweak). I’m pairing with a dev from Gatsby next week, and I’m hoping to learn more about the project and find an issue I can contribute to.


Sort through my Evernote

I follow the GTD philosophy using Todoist and Evernote. However, my Evernote has fallen a bit out of organization with everything going on the past 6 months, so I have about 400 notes in my Inbox that need to be tagged and archived. It’s been on my todo list for months, and I’m going to finish that this month.


Restart my newsletter

I used to write a weekly newsletter with helpful tips for entrepreneurs and developers. I’m planning to re-launch my newsletter this month, but need to finish thinking through the format.

I think I’m going to write exclusively for devs for now (and maybe make a separate entrepreneur list later), and I’m going to write daily emails instead of weekly.

I’ll tell you how it all went in September! ????