Worklog 073018

Happy Monday!

What I’ve done

Friday, I finished all the documentation for our new React environment I’ve set up at my day job. It was a new experience to think through how to best present documentation for lots of different types of people who may be looking at my repo (now or in the future). I’d love some feedback so I can learn to write better documentation.

Over the weekend, I watched some videos on testing Javascript and Redux with Jest, and I finally made a little headway on the Fit CLI project we’re getting off the ground at DevLifts!

What I’m working on

Today, I’ll mostly be working on building out components for the feature I’m supposed to ship within the next couple of weeks at Trinity. Most of the day will probably be spent pairing with the other frontend dev.

This evening, I’ll probably also work on a few things for DevLifts:

  • UX Review of our existing site (we’re getting ready to start a design system)
  • Set up payment re-try settings in Stripe (for failed membership charges)
  • Set up new MailChimp automation to get testimonials from members having a good experience and to notify me to reach out directly if someone is having a bad experience

And at some point today I have to get a quote out to a client for a new project.


Right now, I mostly feel blocked just by the sheer amount of things going on. If I can get past my own mental fog, I’ll be golden.

Interesting Links

Here’s a few links to things I’ve read, watched, or listened to:

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