Worklog 080118

Meetings, bug fixes, and working on a new feature. ????

What I’ve done

Last night, I did some research on automated documentation in the Rails ecosystem (looking for a way to auto-document the API). Also looked into Swagger and APIpie. GraphQL would be the best solution, as it’s inherently self-documenting, but that’s not possible right now.

Most of the morning was meetings for DevLifts and the Coding Academy. Then I fixed a bug in our routing that I thought I fixed yesterday. I also fixed a bug that was caused by a discrepancy between the Rails API and my mock json-server API.

The rest of the day was spent working on the new feature that I’m shipping August 15.

What I’m working on

Tomorrow I’ll be refactoring the screen I built for that new feature today. I’m also planning to research how to write a script that can automatically hit all Rails routes, get some sample JSON from the response, and update my db.json file that json-server reads (so my mock API can stay in sync with the Rails API). It’s important that they stay in sync.

Why worry about the mock API if you have a Rails API locally? I’m glad you asked! I personally want my codebase to be totally accessible even if no other parts of our environment are installed and/or accessible. One shouldn’t have to download Docker, our containers, 40GB database, Ruby, and the Rails app just to be productive in the frontend. Frontend engineers should be able to make commits to the frontend on day one, if they wanted to.


There were some blockers on the API end, but my boss got them fixed right up for me within a couple of hours. ✨

Today I Learned

Interesting Links

Here’s a few links to things I’ve read, watched, or listened to:

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