Worklog 080618

Over the weekend and this morning, I finished implementing the new state architecture so we are now using Redux for global state and each feature has a container that holds the state for the feature and passes it down via Context. I did put the feature state into Redux, but that may have been a mistake. I may undo that and bring it back to be local state for the feature container.

Thad and I also got a lot done for DevLifts — fitStart month 2 plans started going out, we ran some numbers to see how the past month went with web traffic, and we implemented some neat new discounts. ????

Today, I spent a lot of time thinking about our component tree and refactoring all the code I had written for my new feature at Trinity. I also started [finally] writing new components — hoping to finish the UI tomorrow and Wednesday and then go back and make it all stateful. 

Today I Learned

There’s no great way to delay the unmounting of a React component…

I needed to make a Loading component show for at least 2 seconds, even if the data was already back from the API and loaded into the store. Weird, I know, but it was a UX requirement and there’s actually a business case for it in our particular instance.

I reached for componentWillUnmount and quickly figured out that the component is still going to unmount and there’s no way I can really stop it from doing that in componentWillUnmount.

I ended up doing something really hacky: I set a loading state in the feature container, and then set up a function to create a Promise and resolve it after 2 seconds. When I need that loading component to render, I just set the loading state to true and then fire the Promise function. When it resolves, it sets the loading state back to false.

Stupid, I know. But it worked.

Interesting Links

Here’s a few links to things I’ve read, watched, or listened to:

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