Worklog 080718

What I’ve done

Today I finished stubbing out all the remaining components with Material UI for the new feature I’m working on at Trinity. I also confirmed what I already suspected about an hour after I finished a lot of the state architecture changes on Saturday — shoving all the data from the feature into Redux was probably a mistake. I’m going to undo that and go back and add data from the feature to the global store after the feature is closer to finished, so I can see what actually makes sense to have access to globally.

This was exposed via a different headache — I coupled the feature’s Container component to some loading states for data that not all components for the feature utilize. But it wasn’t until I started integrating a separate screen that doesn’t care about some of the data I’m requiring to load in the Container. That’s super vague. I should post some code samples here, or at least write up an After Action Report about how this state management architecture worked for us after we finish this feature.

What I’m working on

Tomorrow I’ll pretty much just be reworking the state management (again).

Today I Learned

Today I learned about JSONP from yesterday’s episode of Syntax. I haven’t used it yet — I should look into it sometime. Here’s a great Stack Overflow post on it, too.

Interesting Links

Here’s a few links to things I’ve read, watched, or listened to:

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